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Chief Warrant Officer-4, USMC

I remember the same stories when I first came to the United States, and I endured the same treatments in school, as well, as work place and the general public. One thing I learned, as I try to inform other Americans that we are all not the same. Every patch of apples has it's 10% of bad core, and that is something you can never change whether in apples or humans. The good things that comes out of the whole thing, is that it also give the opportunity to meet good people who are willing to lend a hand, and who open to you and know that you are the human being as they are.

I, also, joined the Marine Corps when I was 17 and have served on active duty as well as the reserves since 1978. I am very proud of being a Marine, as much as I am proud of being an Arab-American. I tell people the reason I serve this great country, is because it gave everything I wanted and more, and it is giving my children the same. I serve this great country, because it allows me to maintain my heritage, to practice my religion, and maintain my freedom, as it is guaranteed to me by the same constitution that I swore to defend.

My daughter ran into the same situation after 9/11, but she stood up to everyone and ask them "My dad is serving and doing something about it, what is your dad is doing about it?" It shut them up, but I wish that there were no reason for her to even be approached by it.

I want to thank you for taking the time to develop this site and to allow the American people to know that we are, as they are PATRIOTIC and proud to be Arab-Americans.

Sam Farran
Marine Attache
Sanaa, Yemen




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