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Sergeant- U.S. Air force
Palestinian Arab-American

NAME: Nidal Y. Allis
RANK: SSgt (E-5)
SERVICE: Air Force
STATUS: Active
Location: Pentagon

I joined the U.S. Air Force April 12, 1995, and will continue to proudly serve for many more years to come. I sought the opportunity to better myself through the gain of knowledge and discipline to make me more effective in my endeavors. More importantly, in response to growing up being treated differently by others because I was an Arab-American, I wanted to demonstrate my love for this country. My pride and patriotism for this country is profound.

My parents, who were both born and raised in Palestine, raised me to love this country equivalently to Palestine. Till this day, every time I hear the National Anthem chills run up and down my body. It is important to me to give something back to this country. It is unfortunate that such a small percentage of bad Arabs in this world could give such a bad name to all Arabs. I hope to show that the good Arabs strongly outweigh the bad. This is my way of contributing to America and proving what a true Arab-American will do for his country. Everyday I put on my uniform I wear it with pride. I wear my uniform because I am a proud representative of the United States Air Force. I wear my uniform because I am honored for being given the great opportunity of serving my country.

My career began on April 12, 1995 in San Antonio, Texas for Basic Training. From there I went to Biloxi, Mississippi for technical training. My first duty station was at Hickam AFB, Hawaii. I was in Hawaii for 5 years and 10 months. During my time in Hawaii I completed my bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems (MIS). I supervised and trained new troops in the Network Control Center. I worked with a variety of computer systems and networks.

In August of 2000, I was sent to Incirlik, Turkey for a 3 month TDY for 'Operation Northern Watch'. In July of 2001 my career in Hawaii ended when I was transferred to DC, where I am currently working in the Pentagon. Since my arrival at the Pentagon, I have completed Airmen Leadership School where I graduated with Distinguished Graduate Honors. I also completed my second degree with the Community College of the Air Force; an associates for Communications, Computer Information Systems.

I was a 10-minute drive away from the Pentagon when the plane hit on 9/11. My heart was just as hurt from this tragedy as every other American. My pain not only came from the tragedy itself, but also from the attacks that innocent Arab-Americans suffered as a result of this horrific event. Both my parents were in Palestine visiting on that day. While their locations and lives were in danger from the Israeli/Palestinian conflicts, both were more concerned with my well being; neither knowing of my whereabouts that day. At the same time I was concerned with their lives and their safety. We all suffered tremendously that day.

Since 9/11, my patriotism and pride for this country has only grown. I look forward to my continued contributions to America as an Arab-American. It is with great pride that I live in America. I, as an Arab-American, demonstrate to all, the good will of a fellow American.

SSgt Nidal Y. Allis 5/4/02





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