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August 16, 2006




Dear Ms. Sanchez,


In reply to your feedback to APAAM (copy below), I’ve always said and will continue to say that the policies of the United States are driven by the citizens of America.  Change can only happen through our citizens – at the voting booth and by lobbying their congressman and senators for change.  The democratic voters spoke out last week in Connecticut ( against Senator Joseph Lieberman for supporting the war in Iraq.  It wasn’t the US Military who defeated Senator Joseph Lieberman in the Connecticut Democratic Primary – it was the voting citizens of Connecticut


Many in APAAM still have families who are still living in the Middle East.  I am an immigrant to America.  I spoke Arabic for my first 10 years of my life before learning to speak English.  I have family (sisters & brothers) in both Yemen and Egypt.  You speak of the US supporting Israel.  I lived through a war between Israel & Egypt in 1973.  I was nine years old living through the threat of being killed from air raids by Israeli airplanes in October of 1973. 


Venting and taking out your spirited frustration at the US Military and APAAM is misdirected.  It is the men and women who serve in the military that suffer the consequences of our country’s policies.  Lashing out at us as I said is misdirected.


The men and women serving in the US Military do not have a say in the policies of the United States.  In fact when a person joins the US Military, he or she immediately surrenders his/her rights to the President of the United States of America.  That President is elected by the citizens of America.  I’ve served under Presidents Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II.  I do not have a choice in the matter.  Military service members, Arab American or not, follow the orders of our Commander in Chief.  Not sure if you would have written this response to APAAM had President Clinton been in office.  President Clinton was our Commander in Chief for eight years – and we followed his orders.  No difference under our current President, President George W. Bush.


We also surrender our constitutional rights that US Citizens have to a military code called the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  We surrender our freedom so that we can ensure the citizens of the United States can have their freedom upheld through the Constitution of the United States of America.  If this country did not have a military then our Constitution is at stake.  I’m sure you even know that Ana!  If we couldn’t defend the constitution, then we would have probably been the United States of Fidel Castro in 1963. 


Military veterans appreciate the diversity of American more so than those who have not served in the military.  It is the proof of our service that we are doing our job as Military men and women.


So why do we serve?  We serve because we love this country called the United States of America.  We serve because we still believe in the ideals of Freedom that every person in America immigrated to America for.  If we do not have freedom, then we wouldn’t have an immigration issue facing us today!  Everyone wants to come to America so that they can give their families and children HOPES & DREAMS.  It is something to behold when a college drop out can become the richest man in the world simply because he had a dream!  An Arab American can pursue his childhood dreams to become the highest serving General in the United States Armed Forces as Commander Central Command.  An Arab American can pursue his dreams even before America was a country and fight for the possibility of having HOPES & DREAMS for his family – he died fighting for that possibility 39 days before the Independence of this country on May 26th, 1775.


You ask why should we be “PROUD” to be in the military? 


Arab Americans serving in the military are “Proud” of their service because our “Patriotism” is the foundation for Arab American Communities’ freedom to speak with confidence for or against their government.  We are “Proud” because we uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.  But most importantly we are “Proud” because we are American!  We are proud because we give a good face of our community to the side of America that is bigoted and racist and seriously doubts Arab or Muslim Americans’ patriotism. 


We are able to reach a side of America that other National Arab American organizations can’t.  We get the opportunity to be listened to because of the respect of the uniform by Americans.  They listen to us about us – because we wear our military uniform – and because they know that the uniform belongs to them, the American people.


We love being Arab and we love being American.  We love being Arab Americans so much that we chose to prove our patriotism through service in the U.S. Military – honoring our Arab American Communities and our Arab American families.


I just returned from a 12 month tour in the Middle East (2nd tour – and 3rd tour with Operation Enduring Freedom since 9/11) and I can tell you that the US Embassy’s that I worked in had lines of people a mile long beginning at 6:30 in the morning of people looking to come to America.  There is a war going on in Iraq, and a war against Al-Qaeda, but it doesn’t seem to take their focus off of the possibility of coming to America for a piece of their HOPES & DREAMS but most importantly Freedom!.  Something they don’t have in their own country!


The war in Iraq affects everyone differently here in America.  Have you seen the latest NY Times article on APAAM members Lance Corporal Ismile Althaibani, Corporal Abdulbasset Montaser, and how the war affected them, and is still affecting them and their families?


America is the leader of the free world.  The policies that affect the world are dictated at the voting booth by the Citizens of the United States of America.  If I could give you the solution to the Middle East or to better US Policies in writing than it would be a simple matter, but it is not!





Jamal S. Baadani

President & Founder

Association of Patriotic Arab Americans in Military



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What are you so proud of?  The American military invaded and destroyed Iraq, a country that had done nothing to us.  The United States government is solidly behind Israel, which has already destroyed Palestine and is currently destroying Lebanon.  There are threats on the horizon for Syria and Iran, other countries that have done nothing to us but that stand in the way of Israeli supremacy in the Middle East.  Instead of just following orders, you should use your brains for a change.  You are not doing anything good for either America or the Arab countries that your ancestors came from.  I would be ashamed to be in the military today, and even more so if I was an Arab!











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