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"I Am an American, fighting in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to give up my life in their Defense"
Name:    Faisal EL-Jamal
Rank:     Airman first class (A1C E-3)
Service: Air Force
Status:   Active
Location: Shreiver AFB, CO


I Joined the Air Force June 6 of 2000, and will probably remain active duty for as long as possible. I joined the service primarily to serve my country while getting an education. Also I wanted to prove to others my love for this country. Though I didn't move to the states till I was 11 years old I still face the same things that most Arab-Americans faced in their youth. Being labeled as different often times makes it hard for someone to retain their love for their country, but I never once faltered in my love for the United States.

My Father, who was born and Raised in Lebanon, Taught me early on that being patriotic to your country is the greatest feeling to have. My Mother, Who was born in Raised in the U.S., taught me that freedom was the most important thing a person could have. She also taught me that with that freedom came a responsibility to use that freedom not to harm but to help others, Just because you have the right to do something, doesn't necessarily mean that you have to. Her Father served during WWII in the U.S. Army in the South-Pacific. She used to tell me stories about him all the time, about the deed he did for his country to protect the freedom he so dearly held to his heart. Every time I see one of our Jet Fighters take off from where I live I know that they are going out to make this country and others safe from harm, tyranny and oppression. Seeing those planes take off make me proud to be an American.

My AirForce career started in San Antonio at Lackland AFB. I had a tough time at basic, but I pushed myself and the day that I stood on the parade ground in my blue uniform saluting the flag was the proudest day of my life. Not because I graduated, but because now I would be serving my country as an Airman in the United States Airforce. A Few days after Basic graduation I was shipped out to Vandenberg AFB in California for my Technical training. I am now at My first duty Station of Shreiver AFB, and love it. I am currently studying for my degree in Computer Science.

The day before sept.11 I was working up in Denver at a Broncos game for my squadron, it was a long night and we didn't get back to Colorado Springs till 3 in the morning only to find that most of our cars had been towed, including mine, needless to say I was a little mad and didn't think anything else could go wrong that day. I woke up that morning at around 8:00 by a phone call from my roommate who was on leave in Florida. I didn't answer the phone but I did listen to my machine take his message. He told me to turn on my TV, I thought "oh well, must be another hurricane going through Florida" so I didn't pay much attention and just laid there. Then phone rang again, I didn't pick up again and just listened to the message, it was my sergeant giving me a stand by notice. At that point I turned on the Television only to witness the second plane crashing into one of the twin towers. At first I thought I was a movie preview and changed the channel. I kept flipping through the channels and saw the same image on every single station. That was when I had realized that someone had just declared war on the U.S., that was also when I had realized that I was being called to duty to uphold the Oath I took to defend this country from all evils Foreign and Domestic.

I love the United states with all my heart and I always remember the first Article in the Code of Conduct in our Airman's Manual "I Am an American, fighting in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to give up my life in their Defense.

Faisal El-Jamal

United States Air Force





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