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Private Nathan Badeen
18th Continental Regiment
Revolutionary War

Not much is known about the life of Nathan (Nahthan) Badeen, who was
from what is today the Horan Region of Syria. The Badeen family, which
resided in that area during the mid eighteenth century, were primarily
farmers and merchants. It is believed that Nathan may have been
shanghaied by French merchant men while he was trading with them in the
area near what is today the city of Latakia. Eventually he was taken to
Canada where he was either put off the ship or escaped. It is believed
that he then traveled south into the American Colonies arriving in this
country at the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. Records
indicate that he voluntarily enlisted in the Continental Army's' 18th
Regiment on January 1st, 1776 which was being organized as a new unit at
Cambridge Massachusetts. Later, this Regiment played a vital role in the
battle to liberate Boston from the British. Upon enlisting, Private
Badeen listed as his place of birth "Lavan" which was the old Turkish
name for what is today modern Syria, which was controlled by the Turks
in those days. Private Badeen, went on to fight for his new country as a
member of this new Regiment until on or about May 26, 1776, it was
reported by his Commanding Officer, Captain Abraham Tyler, that he died
in the service of his country while posted at Fort George near Boston.
The exact circumstances of his death, as is his final resting place are






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