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REMEBERING IN DEARBORN - APAAM Participates in Dearborn, Michigan Memorial Day Parade on Monday May 26, 2008 

This past Monday, May 26, 2008, the Association of Patriotic Arab Americans in Military marched to remember in Dearborn, Michigan, those who sacrificed and gave their lives for the defense of America.  Over 120 Arab Americans representing APAAM showed their strength and dedication to the Dearborn, Michigan community in remembering those veterans and heroes who gave their lives for this great country.   

WWII Veterans Rosette Harp and Alec Barry were again present to represent APAAM.  Rosette Harp 89, and Alec Berry 80, are two of the few remaining Arab American WWII Veterans who marched in Dearborn to remember.  They came to remember all those who sacrificed beginning with the remembrance of Private Nathan Badeen, a Syrian Immigrant who died for this country in the Revolutionary War as part of the 18th Continental Regiment on May 21st, 1776.   

We would like to thank those who helped make this year’s march a success: 

  • US Army  -  Michigan National Guard  -  Arab American Institute
  • University of Michigan ROTC Program  -  Global Linguist Solutions
  • Special thank you to Michigan State Representative Gino H. Polidori,
  • And also a great special thanks to Ron Amen, Facility Director, Arab American National Museum for holding the after Parade Recognition Meeting.  Ron Amen is a Vietnam Veteran who served with the US Army.

During this year’s march, APAAM, recognized and memorialized Arabic Linguists for their service and sacrifice to this country in a Memorial Day Parade - This was the first time that a Veterans Organization has given such recognition to linguists serving the US Military.  The Association of Patriotic Arab American in Military is the largest Arab American Veterans Organization in the nation representing hundreds of military members, veterans, and their families.  There are over 3,500 Arab Americans who serve in the US Military.  Recognizing those linguists who share in the burden of helping the success of America’s security is a token of our appreciation.  

Remembering in Dearborn - we remembered those who served and sacrificed for this country. 

God Bless America! 


Front window – WWII Veteran – Rosette HARP          2d from left – Alec Berry – WWII Veteran                                                                   2d from right – Rosette Harp, WWII Veteran









Ali Yahya and Sarmed Yokhana representing
Arabic Linguists who died in Iraq.

Ali Yahya (3rd from left) with Arab American Veterans






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