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Jamal Baadani, President of APAAM responds to Fauzi
Former Marine's Father Lashes Out At APAAM
May 7th, 2006

 Dear Fauzi, 

I am responding to your e-mail, copied below, lashing out at APAAM.  First I would like to thank you for your opinion.  I would also like to thank your son for serving in the US Marine Corps.  Being an Arab American serving in the White House is most honorable. 

What is immediately apparent to me is that you tie our Government’s policies in the Middle East with the honorable service of the countless thousands of Arab Americans who have served this great country since the Revolutionary War.  Private Nathan Badeen lost his life on or about May 26, 1776 fighting as part of the 18th Continental Army.  Had he lived a few months longer to realize that his sacrifice would be part of a Country that would give freedom to those from around the world - on July 4th, 1776. 

You can not equate Government Policy with honoring one’s Country.  They are not one in the same.   

The men and women of APAAM and many others outside of APAAM will tell you that they joined the Military for a number of reasons, whether it is to fill a childhood dream of being a “Soldier”, becoming an adult, or to help get their life in order.  Patriotism usually is at the top of the list.  Swearing to defend the Constitution of the United States, and to follow orders given to them by the Commander in Chief, are parts of the oath of enlistment – your Former Marine son included – that they must swear to prior to joining the US Armed Forces.   

I wrote an article titled “We have to choose who and what we want to be” about our obligations to serve the very country that gave us freedom because APAAM has always faced criticism by its own Arab American Community for serving in the US Armed Forces. 

Military servicemen and women choose the Military as a career just as an Arab American son or daughter chooses a career as a Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer, Athlete, Actor, or Politician.  They have every right to pursue a dream just as any other son or daughter – just as your son chose to be a US Marine – by joining the US Armed Forces. 

It is the Arab American Communities’ obligation to provide its sons and daughters for service in the Military – Japanese Americans gave their sons and daughters from inside internment camps in order to fight the Japanese in WWII, as did German and Italian Americans. 

WE ARE PART OF AMERICA - therefore we have to be part of America! 

When I lived in Cairo, Egypt as a child, it was during the Arab Israeli conflict of 1973.  I remember the chants we shouted of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” in the courtyard of my elementary school.  I didn’t know better at the time because I was nine years old, and surely didn’t know what America was.  One thing I do know today about America is that it gave my family freedom from an oppressive and unstable Arab Regime.  Knowledge that was apparent to me at the age of 17.  I joined the US Marine Corps at the age of 17 for two reasons.  I wanted to thank America for the freedom that it gave me and my family, and because I always dreamt of being a Military “Soldier” ever since I could remember.  No one was going to take that dream away from me!  Not my father and not my Arab American Community.   

I sense that your anger and dissatisfaction runs deep into your soul.  Lashing out at your children who serve in the US Military is not the answer.   

Lobbying your Congress - and practicing your freedom of speech (Freedom of Speech that is afforded to us by the spilled blood and sacrifice of millions of Young Americans who gave their life so you and I could enjoy our freedom) is the avenue of changing or affecting positive change to our Government’s Policies that you disagree with.   

Over 25 years ago, Dr. James Zogby, President of Arab American Institute, founded the AAI to empower the Arab American Communities involvement and participation in America’s political process.  Arab Americans’ involvement in America’s political process will allow your voice to be heard.  Being pro-active in the involvement of our communities to affect positive change in our Government’s Policies can only be achieved by participation - participation in the Military, Civil Service, Politics, Business, and any other field that advances our Arab American Communities in America’s fabric. 

Criticizing APAAM is not the answer.   


Jamal S. Baadani
Association of Patriotic Arab Americans in Military
E-Mail - [email protected]


Sent: Tuesday, May 02, 2006 6:23 AM
Subject: Former Marine's Father Lashes Out At APAAM

I have refrained from making any comments about the information I read from APAAM.   First I want you to know that my own son served in the Marines for 4 years.  During his last year he was a  "Yankee White" guarding president Clinton at Camp David were we visited him.

If he was to be deployed to Iraq, I would have done anything I could do to keep him from serving there.  The reason to me is simple.  Serving in Iraq would not be serving his country, and had he been killed in Iraq, it would not be a sacrifice for his country.  Please APAAM, do not use the same slogans used by Fox news.  For a while Fox News, on a daily basis, showed the pictures of anyone who joined the military on TV and describe them as "heroes".   Some of these barely made it through high school and one I know was  a high school dropout.  But for Fox News, in an attempt to promote the war, they were all "heroes".  This same person was later deployed in Iraq and his wife told me that he asked her if she has seen dogs eat human beings.  When she answered "no", he told her he has.   It is so sad.  People are unable to pick the dead in time before the dogs starts eating them. 

Back to the point I was trying to make.  What our young men and women are doing in Iraq is not serving their country.  As the former President of Malaysia said, "we need to be smart like the Jews, where they get other people to fight and die for them".  The Marines and all other military
personnel in Iraq are serving only one country, the United Stated of Israel.  They are fighting and dying for Israel - not for their country.  If you doubt that you may be interested in the latest news where Israel has now been described as playing a major role with Britain and the US in cooking intelligence in order to justify the war.

My sincere condolences to the family of Corporal Bachar.  But No, APAAM, Corporal Bachar was not serving his country nor his sacrifice was for his country. On the contrary, the war in Iraq has weakened this country militarily and it is bankrupting it financially.  As of today, of the $20 billion allocated for projects in Iraq, 75% has already been spent but only 4%  of the projects have been completed .  Where did the money go ? Who is bilking the Treasury?

The Zionists who where and continue to be in control of the Pentagon and many other important government positions have caused the lives of people such as Corporal Bachar to be wasted just so that Israel enhances its power in the Middle East and continues to humiliate the Palestinians
and the rest of the Arab countries. 










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