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Name:              Yousef Michael El-Yousseph
Rank:               Specialist
Service :           US Army
Status:              Deployed to Iraq
Specialty:          Helicopter Mechanic


Yousef is the son of retired US Air Force Technical Sergeant Mahmoud El-Yousseph, a native of Columbus , Ohio .  Born and raised in a Palestine refugee camp in Lebanon, Mahmoud immigrated to the US in 1977 and enlisted in the US Air Force in 1984.  His son, US Army Specialist Yousef El-Yousseph enlisted in March of 2004 at the age of 24.  The eldest of six children, Yousef is now stationed in Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  His hobbies include flying, mountain hiking, Playing billiards, and target shooting. 

Local Muslims React To Beheading
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There were some strong words on the murder of Nick Berg from the Council on American Islamic Relations Wednesday.  Central Ohio Muslims issued a statement condemning those responsible, and they weren't alone.

The grisly video tape is the talk of the nation's airwaves with some saying, "Americans are outraged."  There is outcry over the headlines. "Killing is totally against the teaching of Islam."  There is also anger on the streets. One local resident said, "It just makes you gasp." Another said, "I think it's obviously disgusting"

For Westerville 's Mahmoud El-Yousseph, a proud Arab-American, the beheading of American Nick Berg has left him in disbelief.  "To evoke the name of god while you're killing him. God is great in Arabic; it's beyond imagination. It's uncalled for," he says.

This father of six is urging Muslims to speak out against the war crime. He argues true Muslims promote peace not violence.

El-Yousseph says, "This is vicious. This is ugly. This is inhumane and has nothing to do with religion."  El-Yousseph can't help but wonder if someday his son could meet a similar fate, because his son is a soldier in the U.S. Army.

 "He's my oldest son. He is 24. He's in boot camp. He may have to go to Iraq ," says El-Yousseph. He continues saying, "You know you see these images and you wonder God forbid. It's scary" El-Yousseph says too many Americans have died in Iraq and believes it's time for US forces leave Iraq and let UN forces take over.






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