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APAAM’s Official Position on Sgt Hicham Benkabbou

APAAM advocates for the patriotic service of Arab Americans fighting to defend the freedom of America.  Sgt Hicham Benkabbou is a member who is currently serving his country in combat on the battlefields of Afghanistan fighting an elusive enemy that is intent on harming our country.

Since Sgt Benkabbou's request for assistance to APAAM in this matter, we have solicited the help and support of organizations and individuals who are experts in the Immigration filed.  American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee has taken the lead role as a partner with APAAM.  In addition, a team of individuals, comprised of lawyers and influencers, are helping to provide their support and insight.

We need to work with the appropriate federal agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security directly to help resolve this matter.

While we are very much respectful of the great work that Congressional efforts may help in this case, and very much recognize the need to sometimes engage in litigation, we recommend that the appropriate administrative request with DHS in Washington be attempted first prior to involving members of Congress.  DHS is very attuned to these types of concerns and, once the appropriate DHS officials are made aware of the details of this case, we are confident that the matter will be resolved in a positive fashion. 

 The most important issue for us is the morale and welfare of Sgt Hicham Benkabbou.  He is a young man in need of assistance, has asked for assistance, and we are here to help him. 

It is the military way!






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