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Jamal Baadani the 2007 Distinguished Public Service Award as part of
2007 Washington D.C.
Immigrant Achievement Awards

Jamal S. Baadani, President & Founder, the Association of Patriotic Arab Americans in Military (APAAM) received the 2007 Distinguished Public Service Award from the American Immigration Law Foundation (AILF).  The presentation was held as part of AILF’s 12th Annual Immigrant Achievement Awards on Saturday March 16th, 2007 in Washington, DC. 

Jamal S. Baadani – President & Founder, Association of Patriotic Arab Americans in Military
Baadani Biography - 

Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt to Yemeni parents, Jamal Baadani emigrated to the United States at the age of 10.  At the age of 17 Baadani joined the United States Marine Corps and attended Boot Camp one week after graduating from High School. 

Due to his belief in “Duty and Patriotism” to country, Baadani felt that as an immigrant to America serving in the U.S. Military by making the transformation as a United States Marine legitimized his place as a citizen of this great country.  Coming to America as a child who couldn’t speak English followed by struggles as a teenager to fit in as a normal young man alongside his American peers was always a challenge for him during his early days in America.  Service in the United States Marines enabled Baadani to feel that he had overcome the challenge of belonging to America - becoming a strong and proud American man.   

Jamal felt an obligation to give back to his community, and shortly after the horrific days of September 11th, 2001, he founded the Association of Patriotic Arab Americans in Military to stand up for the Arab and Muslim American Communities in response to the backlash and discrimination they received at the hands of their fellow Americans. 

Baadani quickly understood that the backlash and discrimination faced by the Arab and Muslim American Communities after 9/11 was mostly due to a lack of understanding by their fellow Americans.  Using the U.S. Military uniform as the bridge to understanding coupled with Baadani’s will to educate his fellow Americans about the Patriotism of Arab and Muslim Americans, Baadani’s hope of bringing them closer together resulted in his continuing persistence to make America a better place for all Americans.  Sharing in the same conviction of using the uniform and “Duty and Patriotism” as a bridge to understanding, hundreds of Arab American service-members, to include General John Abizaid, joined APAAM to share in Baadani’s vision of making America a better place for all Americans.

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2007 Washington D.C.
Immigrant Achievement Awards
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Friday, March 16, 2007
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